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At The Law Offices of Joel D. Muhlbaum, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients’ individual goals and overall financial and family dynamics. This permits us to provide advice that is not only sound but tailored to each individual client.

Our attorneys are experienced in providing estate planning advice to clients during many phases of their adult lives. The planning can range from preparing simple wills, wills designed for spouses who are living in the community while the other spouse is receiving care in a nursing facility to other asset protection techniques utilizing various types of trusts such as special needs trusts and trusts for surviving minor children.

Our firm also represents fiduciaries (executors or administrators) in the settlement of decedent’s estates in the area probate courts in Connecticut.

Don’t Overlook Incapacity Planning

We regard planning for one’s future incapacity to be an essential element of our philosophy. While traditional estate planning documents (such as a Last Will and Testament) “speak at death,” our attorneys are also keenly aware of and focused on having appropriate incapacity planning documents and advance medical directives in place for our clients.

These documents “speak during our clients’ lifetime” and, as such, directly affect our clients’ quality of life and their individual autonomy. By establishing living wills, appointing a health care representative, doing a durable power of attorney, and designating a conservator in the event of  future incapacity, we are able to counsel our clients effectively so as to avoid, in most cases, probate court proceedings relating to incapacity.

Representation In Probate Court Matters

Negotiating Connecticut’s Probate Court system can often be an intimidating process for the unrepresented. When working with our office, you can take comfort in being able to rely on our experienced attorneys through all stages of the probate process. If you have been appointed as an executor of a decedent’s estate under a Last Will and Testament or if you are concerned with the diminishing capacity of a “loved one” and wish to commence a conservatorship matter, if appropriate, we can provide you with the experienced counsel that you will require.

In fact, our attorneys have been appointed to serve as court-appointed counsel as well as guardians ad litem by many of the probate court judges in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Our compassionate lawyers are knowledgeable in this area of the law and are deeply committed to providing competent and responsive services to family members in need.

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